How a Loving Couple can Think, Speak and Act Like a Team

In this groundbreaking work, authors Richard and Dede Brown offer a refreshingly original answer for couples, grounded in experience, wisdom, and common sense. Relationships thrive when members see themselves as part of a team, not just as individuals looking out for their own interests. And when a winning team rests on a foundation of real love, the result is a relationship built to stand the test of time. This book lays out a fun, easy-to-follow, and comprehensive game plan for building your LoveTeam.

Just some of what you'll learn includes: 

- What all great personal relationships have in common

- How to stop clashing and start cooperating

- The attitudes of a winning team that grows stronger through adversity

- How the strengths of one partner can balance out the weaknesses of the other

- The necessity of becoming best friends and how to get there

- How to bring fun and excitement into your relationship

- The unexpected effects of a LoveTeam on children and others

- The power of forgiveness

- And everything else you need to know to start a new life of love and happiness together!

The LoveTeam Game Plan